Mrs. Shelly Abernathy 
GATEWAY Teacher for 1st and 4th Grade and Cranium Connections Teacher

Ms. Robin Morrow 
GATEWAY teacher for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and Cranium Connections Teacher

Characteristics of Gifted and Bright Learners
The chart attached is helpful in seeing the subtle differences between the bright child and the gifted learner.

CNN Article: Ten Myths about Gifted Students and Programs for Gifted
A short article for parents about gifted students and programs

Continuation Policy
Continuation in the gifted program requires satisfactory performance in gifted classes.
Cranium Connections
Enrichment class for students who are not in the gifted program

Gifted Goals
Goal 1: Gifted students will develop advanced research skills and methods. Curriculum for gifted students should allow for the in-depth learning of... (cont'd)

Parent Referral for Gifted Evaluation
The attached form should be completed if you would like to nominate your child for gifted evaluation