2nd Grade » Mrs. Keri Hughes

Mrs. Keri Hughes

Facts About Me

-I am married to Jeff Hughes. We have three children (Tori, Emily, and Adam) and one granddaughter (Ivy).

-I have a dog named Po, a cat named Mavis, eight chickens, and three cows.  

-This will be my 14th year teaching (all at CCES). I have taught kindergarten and 2nd grade.

-I have a Reading Endorsement and a Masters’ degree in reading and math.

-I love to teach kids how to read; However, my favorite subject when I was in school was math.  

-My favorite color is yellow.

-I love all the seasons I feel that each has a special place in my heart. If I had to pick a favorite, I would pick spring. I love Good Friday and Easter.

-My favorite college team are the GA Bulldogs and my favorite professional team are the Atlanta Falcons.

-I love all food. My favorite restaurant is Hunt's Oyster Bar in St. Andrews Bay.

-My favorite vacation spot is Mexico Beach (even though I haven’t been since Hurricane Michael).

-I love to cook. 

-I love working at CCES because it is my home away from home. I love the kids like they are my own and the people I work with are my family.