Title I Information

What is Title I?
  • Federal program designed to help every child receive a high-quality education; raises the stakes for participating schools
  • Provides assistance to schools who have a high percentage of low socio-economic students
  • Federal funds provided for resources which may include:
      • Additional staff
      • Extended instructional time
      • Instructional materials
      • Professional Development
      • Math and literacy events
      • Parent involvement 
What does Title I mean for CCES?
  • Personnel
  • Supplemental materials to support reading, writing, and math instruction
  • Additional technology
  • Parent Resource Room
  • Online resources for parents
  • Professional development in focus areas
  • Parent Involvement (Pi Day, Read Across America, 2020 Title I Fall Family Read Aloud Event)
                                   **PARENT RESOURCE ROOM!**
The Title I Parent Resource Room is located in the back of the library and open during normal school hours. It is filled with several math and reading games to help your child at home! Please check out these resources through our Media Specialist, Mrs. Martel.