Speech » Miss Emily Harris

Miss Emily Harris

A Few Facts About Me

-I am one of 6 kids and I have two puppies at home, Maxie and Simba.

-I have an Undergrad and Graduate degree from Valdosta State University.

-I have been teaching for 5 years as an SLP.

-I have been at CCES for 5 years.

-My favorite color is aquamarine.

-My favorite season is fall.

-My favorite college team is UGA.

-My favorite foods are Japanese, Italian and sushi.

-My favorite vacation spot is anywhere in the mountains, especially during the Fall.

-I enjoy everything outdoors. I love surrounding myself with family and friends.

-My favorite thing about working at CCES are my students and co-workers. I constantly learn new things from my students, and I love the support and collaboration that I experience every day from my work family.