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Ms. Kim Knott

Facts About Me

-I have two kids (Chloe and Cameron), two stepsons (Taylor and Julian), three daughters-in-law, and five grandbabies (Madi, Devyn, Zeppelin, Beau, and Ella).

-I have been a Special Ed paraprofessional, a Kindergarten paraprofessional, a Pre-K teacher in a general education classroom, an inclusion Pre-k classroom, and a special needs Pre-k classroom. I am currently a Special Education teacher.

-This upcoming school year will be my 17th year of teaching.

-This upcoming school year will be my fifth year at Clear Creek.

-My favorite subject is reading.

-My favorite color is pink.

-My favorite season is fall.

-My favorite college team is the Georgia Bulldogs.

-My favorite food is Mexican.

-My favorite vacation spot is the beach.

-My favorite hobby is reading.

-One of my most favorite things about working at CCES are all of the friendships I have made and the way we want our colleagues to succeed!! It is a great school!!