Pi Day 2021 » Pi Day 2021: Title I Family Engagement

Pi Day 2021: Title I Family Engagement

Every year students at CCES celebrate the importance of math and science with a day filled with STEAM fun for everyone! Student leaders in 4th and 5th grade lessons in the classroom where all students (PreK-5th grade) get to see, participate, make, or experience STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, math, and science)! This year students will also receive a materials to explore further at home. 
See Ms. Robin Morrow for more information. 
After your family has enjoyed one or more at-home activities, please complete this form. Your CCES children will receive a free pass for Sparkles Family Fun Centers (skating, laser tag, or playground). You will also be entered into a drawing for other prizes. 
Sparkles Family Fun Centers (Kennesaw)
Click this form to request materials for one or more of these activities. 
After your family has done one or more activity, go here to complete the form for participation. Your CCES kids will receive a pass for Sparkles Family Fun Center (skating, laser tag, or playground). 
Edible Slime
Edible Slime
(Request powder mix)
Suggested PreK-2nd Grade
(Request Materials; You provide the soda)
Suggested Kindergarten-5th Grade
Home Depot Building Kit
Home Depot
(Request Materials; Limited Availability)
Suggested PreK-3rd Grade
You provide basic tools
Suggested PreK-3rd Grade
Hoop Glider
Request Materials
You provide glue or tape
Suggested PreK-3rd Grade
Botley Robot
Suggested PreK-1st Grade
Checkout a Robot for 2 nights.
Tynker Hour of Code
Suggested 1st-5th Grade
Paper Plate Maze
Request Materials
Suggested 1st-3rd Grade
Suggested 1st-5th Grade
Exploding Bag
You will need a ziploc sandwich bag, vinegar, baking soda, water, tissue
Suggested 2nd-5th Grade
Lemon Battery
Request materials for a week
You will need 2-3 lemons
Suggested 1st-4th Grade
Use materials you have around the house.
Suggested Kdg-3rd Grade
Ivory Soap
Request Ivory Soap
You provide a microwave
Suggested 2nd-5th Grade
Water Bomb
Request Materials
Minecraft Education
Minecraft Edu
Every student at CCES has Minecraft EDU account access. Request your child's login credentials.
Suggested Kindergarten-5th Grade
Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits
(Request a Kit for a week)
Suggested 2nd-5th Grade
(Request Materials)
Pop Up Card
Suggested 2nd-5th Grade
(Request Materials)
Robo Wheel
Suggested 2nd-5th Grade
Request Supplies
String Puppet
Suggested 4th & 5th Grade
(All are RC Books)
Pi Day Books