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Mrs. Debra Fetherolf

Facts About Me

-My name is Debra Fetherolf. 

-I am married to the love of my life and together we have five children. 

-I am a Licensed Practical Nurse at Clear Creek Elementary School.

-I worked at Cartersville Medical Center in Med Surg for seven years before coming to Clear Creek in 2008. 

-My love for children is what led me to school nursing.

-I love my job and I love watching the staff and the children grow.

-I was here when some of the teachers had their first child or when they started Pre-K and now they are in high school.

-My hobbies include camping, hiking, my dogs, the beach, flowers, and spending time with my family and grandchildren.

-My favorite thing about Clear Creek Elementary School is our dedication to the children. We simply can’t get enough.