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Mr. Ian Cox (Cafeteria Manager)

A Few Facts About Me

-(Baffling)... I don't know how I wound up with such a wonderful wife, and 3 awesome kids.

-I have taught Martial Arts, Counter Terrorism Strategies, etc for about 19 years.

-I have been at Clear Creek for 5 years?? Maybe 7?

-My favorite subject is psychology.

-My favorite color is green.

-My favorite season is autumn.

-My favorite college team is Miskatonic University. (Fighting Cephalopods)

-My favorite foods include  Mexican (in general), Italian (in general), and food (in general).

-My favorite vacation spot is anywhere that is new.

-My favorite hobbies include Reading, Martial Arts, and Gardening.

-My favorite thing about working at CCES is making sure the kids are fed.